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  • Icing injuries is not so cool anymore

    Icing injuries has been common practice for awhile We have all heard about the "RICE Method" when it comes to an acute injury.  RICE is an acronym for a type of treatment.  For years this treatment has been recommend when a person has injured a muscle, tendon, or ligament however the acronym [...]

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    Neuromobilization treatment

    What Are Neuromobilization Techniques? Neuromobilization is a technique that we utilize to treat nerves that may be adhered, irritated, or compressed in the surrounding tissues. Many patients that have been unresponsive to other treatments and present with a history of referred symptoms like [...]

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    Stretching appropriately and safely

    There is a lot to like about stretching. Whether it’s for post-run recovery,  yoga, or daily simple stretches to ease muscle tension,  stretching is beneficial in numerous ways.  Research has shown that stretching is a great way to maintain balance and freedom of movement, [...]

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    Eccentric loading and tendinitis

    What is eccentric loading? Eccentric and concentric are very common terms in the world of biomechanics and exercise.  The term eccentric has to do with the lengthening of a muscle. The term concentric, which has to do with the shortening of a muscle. Think of it in terms of lifting a weight, [...]

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    Pain between the shoulder blades

    Why do I have pain between the shoulder blades There are many possible causes of pain that are felt between the shoulder blades. Pain between the shoulder blades may be felt from conditions affecting the structures located in this region, or can instead be referred pain that is felt between the [...]

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