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X-rays Before Treatment


One question that we often hear from new patients is “Do you take X-rays?” We do not routinely order X-rays. At our examination we perform a thorough case history, orthopedic, neurological, range of motion and functional tests. If after our examination an X-ray, or other imaging is found to be clinically necessary, we will order these tests from an imaging center. Think of it as a case-by-case scenario. For instance, a healthy, active individual who picked up their child resulting in lower back pain. The probability of a structural concern requiring imaging is low.

Most patients are relieved to learn we don’t default to taking X-rays. They hope to limit their exposure to radiation as well as their costs. Static, plain film, heavy contrast imaging does not tell us about how you move or the soft tissues involved. We order X-rays and MRIs only when clinically necessary. If at any time we suspect that it is in the best interest of your health, we won’t hesitate to send you to an imaging center. We work closely with several imaging centers in the area:

X-rays and other diagnostic imaging is used on a case-by-case scenario

Abnormalities on imaging can be very common and do not necessarily correspond to the cause of a patient’s problem. Below is a chart indicating the results of asymptomatic patients (showing no symptoms) who had a lumbar spine MRI. For instance, you can see that 50% of the the individuals between the age of 40-50 years of age showed a disc bulge. Our clinic’s policy on imaging is to “treat the man and not the scan”.

imaging data in asymptomatic patients

Positive lumbar MRI findings in asymptomatic patients

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