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patient experiencing lower back pain

Back Pain Treatment Options From Our Bellevue Chiropractor

Back pain is the most common physical complaints among American adults and is a leading cause of lost job time. Total costs of are larger than for any other disease for which economic analysis is available (Maniadakis & Gray 2000). Studies have shown that 50-80% of the adult population will experience back pain at some point in their life.

Research has shown that chiropractic care is a safe, clinically effective conservative care approach to acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain.

Symptoms of Back Pain May Include:

  • Muscle ache

  • Shooting or stabbing pain

  • Pain that radiates down your leg

  • Limited flexibility or range of motion of the back

  • Inability to stand up straight

Consult a Doctor if the Following Occur:

  • Shooting or electrical pain down the legs

  • Numbness, tingling, or the sensation of weakness

  • Bowel or bladder problems

  • Pain with waking up in the morning

  • Increased pain with sitting or rising from a seated position

Back Pain Treatments in Omaha

Treatment depends on the tissue damaged and lack of motion or excessive motion elsewhere in the body. Often, the low back is painful due to other areas of the body not moving efficiently such as the feet, hips, and thoracic spine (middle back). Mobilization of restricted areas of the low back and structures listed above often help reduce or eliminate pain and the dysfunction driving the pain. When overuse syndromes occur, the soft tissue structures supporting the body become irritated and painful. Techniques such as Active Release, Myofascial Release, Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization and Dry Needling are fantastic at restoring the proper tone within the injured tissue.

Behm Muscle & Joint Clinic Approach

New patients are always welcome! Do not hesitate, contact us today at 402-292-1450 or schedule a consultation online for leading evidence-based assessments and treatments for your musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. Dr. Behm is McKenzie Institute MDT Low back certified which is a mechanical diagnosis and treatment method used to correct derangement, dysfunction and postural syndromes causing low back and/or leg pain.

Content written by Dr. Adam Behm, DC, CCSP®

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