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Dr. Behm was born and raised in Papillion, NE. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from the University of Nebraska – Omaha and following his undergraduate studies was a certified personal trainer (NSCA-CPT – National Strength and Conditioning Association) in the Omaha area for years, helping clients achieve their health and fitness goals. He received his Doctorate in Chiropractic from Cleveland Chiropractic College – Kansas City. While in school, he received multiple certifications to increase his knowledge of the human body and how to properly assess and treat his patients. This translates into our integrative approach to Chiropractic care and our combination of therapies to better address your musculoskeletal complaints. Dr. Behm is excited to return to his hometown and serve the community around him.

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Triceps Tendinitis a Real Pain in the Elbow

How do I know if I have triceps tendinitis? The triceps muscle extends from the shoulder joint all the way down to the elbow joint at the back of the arm. The triceps tendon attaches the three bellies of the triceps muscle to the elbow joint. Inflammation of this tendon is...

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Trigger Point Dry Needling the Calf

Trigger point dry needling for calf pain Trigger Point dry needling is a procedure in which a sterile, disposable, solid filament needle is inserted into the skin and muscle directly at a myofascial trigger point. A myofascial trigger point consists of multiple contraction knots, which are related to the production and...

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Stop Stretching “Tight” Hamstrings

Hamstrings are not always “tight” due to short muscles A lot of people complain of that constant feeling of tightness in their hamstrings. Don’t get me wrong you can absolutely have short hamstrings and benefit from some form of myofascial release to lengthen those short hamstrings. However, if you are the...

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Golfer’s Elbow AKA Medial Epicondylitis

Golfers elbow in Omaha, NE Golfer’s elbow (medial epicondylitis) causes pain and inflammation in the tendons that connect the forearm to the elbow. The pain centers on the bony prominance on the inside of your elbow and may radiate into the forearm. Golfer’s elbow is usually caused by overusing the muscles...

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Arthritis and Conservative Care

First, let me debunk the myth that cracking your knuckles will give your arthritis. No, this old wives tale is not true, what is true is that there are more than 100 different types of arthritis and arthritis is the leading cause of disability in the United States. Affecting 52.5 million...

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Foam Rolling the Hips

What is foam rolling? Foam rolling is a type of self-myofascial release which is a safe and very effective technique that involves applying pressure into the connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion. Myofascial release can be performed with a foam roller, lacrosse ball, theracane etc, with the goal...

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Sit-ups and Back Pain

Why sit-ups are causing your back pain Sit-ups should not be done. Period. One reason that that sit-ups are hard on your back is that they push your curved spine against the floor (flexing your lumbar spine) and engage your hip flexors. You can go to any local gym and see...

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Squat VS Deadlift

It’s not really possible to cover all there is with these two exercises in just one blog, many people have a preference on which compound exercise they prefer to do. Both the squat and the deadlift are excellent exercises. For this blog we are looking at the demands of the hips,...

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