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    At Behm Muscle & Joint Clinics we treat patients of all ages at our chiropractic office. Located in Bellevue at 36th & 370, we provide chiropractic treatment to many patients that live or work in Omaha, NE.

    We offer chiropractic treatment to pediatric and adult patients according to your symptoms, lifestyle, and health goals in order to help you live pain-free. Increasing mobility and flexibility through regular treatment helps to prevent injuries and reduces pain, supporting your active lifestyle.

    We are passionate about Chiropractic and Rehabilitation care.   Our Mission is to provide our patients with elite conservative chiropractic care to chronic and acute pain utilizing a patient-centered approach combined with the most up-to-date and successful therapies.

    We treat a variety of common conditions on a daily basis to help our Omaha chiropractic patients live a pain-free life. Our Chiropractors strive to use least invasive treatment possible to alleviate pain and then correct the problem causing pain to prevent future occurrences.

    Directions to our Chiropractic Office

    Our Chiropractic Clinic is located just minutes from Offutt Air Force Base in the Daniel Crossing plaza in Bellevue, NE at the northeast corner of 36th street and Hwy 370.

    Common Conditions We Treat

    Below is a list of common conditions treated by chiropractic care, take a look at our conditions tab above for more information about symptoms, causes, and treatment methods of these conditions.

    • Neck Pain
    • Low back pain
    • Hip, knee, and ankle pain
    • Shoulder, elbow, and wrist pain
    • Headaches and migraines
    • Sciatica
    • Disc-related issues
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome
    • Stiff or painful joints
    • TMJ and jaw pain
    • Sports injuries

    Accepting New Omaha Chiropractor Patients at Behm Muscle & Joint Clinic

    We are accepting new Omaha chiropractor patients at our Bellevue office, and are always happy to answer any of your questions.  We want to be your Omaha Chiropractor, if you have a question regarding the services at our office or would like to schedule an appointment feel free to give us a call at 402-292-1450 or you can schedule an appointment online. We offer current active duty and veteran military discounts which make our care affordable to our military service members and their family.